So, I received an interesting text today. It read:

"It's frustrating how some people have all these amazing opportunities to become something and they pass them up. Then there is me who never has an opportunity and I'm watching these people."

I wasn't sure quite how to respond. (I always have this problem. I don't know whether asking for clarification helps, but I never do it.) At first glance, it looked as if this person wanted to be commiserated with...but the nature of that particular person told me that was definitely not the case. Then I thought, "Perhaps this person is down on themselves." Wrong again.

So I typed the only thing I could think. Not because I had no other option, but because it was the only truth that needed to be said....and I learned so much from it.

I responded, "Every moment is your opportunity. Smile and breathe."

Does everything come back to mindfulness? Absolutely everything??

To simply put it, yes. Yes it does.

Warning: I'm sure that I am, as I usually do, taking words from Thich Nhat Hanh's mouth...but being who he is, I am going to shine in that fact. (Since he has written a book entitled Present Moment, Wonderful Moment, all of my "findings" I'm sure will be there.)

Opportunity...that thorn in everyone's side...the crap shoot of all of our lives. Without this fictional object, nothing would ever happen..What kind of power does that place on these opportunities?


Why does man make such ideas as to create chains for himself? It's not like we are waiting, our full potential held tight for this thing to come our way. Every moment, every breath, is our opportunity. It's all we have. Opportunity is life. How many ways can I say it? Every sentence spoken to you...every smile you give or receive (give more than you receive...it will make the world a better place)....every bird that flies by. It's the rippling effect.

So don't waste another moment! They are all opportunities!



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