More important than politics, more important than complaining...I love discussing things such as these:

How difficult our egos can be! I have been studying many of Thich Nhat Hanh's teachings lately, and I have decided that this man has taught me more with his ideas than any other source I have ever encountered. He's truly amazing. He has made me lose my sense of "self"..He has recreated my view of consciousness. He has shown me that hurting others is one and the same as hurting myself. But his words are challenging.

Of course if you hit me I hit back. If I help you, you are indebted to me. These, through experience, is law. It's the way people communicate. It's how we interact. This web of contingencies that we learn from...they're...what's the word?

Wrong. They are all wrong.

We cannot and will not know what peace truly is without losing ourselves. Without seeing ourselves in others, in everything, we can't make progress. We're at a stalemate with ourselves.

One hand reaches for the other because it knows, without hesitation, that it is part of a greater being. Whether it believes in the community of hands, the likeness they share, or it even sees and comprehends the mind that controls the both of them, it is compassionate and unyielding in its care. It's a wonderful illustration of how to live.

True Peace


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