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Just thought I would put these up. No opinion, just facts. It's hard to see past the "Blame everything on the new guy" idea, so it's always a good idea to see where this debt everyone is freaking out about came from. Notice the trends? It must be genetic.

It's odd..I have been one to say that taxes are ridiculous. It's odd that the government keeps asking for more and more...That's bad. Well, I also complain about construction on the roads all the time. I shouldn't be bothered by workers fixing things. I want to get where I want when I want. That's the typical standing.

I also don't complain when it's finished and I can drive more smoothly to where I'm trying to go.

Also, I love certain websites. I frequent uer.ca. It's nice to see other people who love the same photography. I give to this website. Why? Because I feel compelled to. I want to help them maintain this site. I feel like I own a portion of it.

We all own a portion of this country. Unfortunately, there is not a system really put into place where we feel as if we're actually heard. That is terrible, and it's going to continue that way, I'm afraid. However, it does not alter our responsibility to help maintain this country. All the things we feel we're entitled to all have someone behind them, making them happen.

But I guess complaining about the construction is normal.

There's more to see....http://www.marktaw.com/culture_and_media

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